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How You Can Save Kratom in Maine

How You Can Save Kratom in Maine

Senate bill LD 1546 (S.P. 541) was recently issued on April 27th to ban kratom in the state of Maine. We must take this opportunity immediately to change the tides by contacting them through email and phone calls. You have until May 12th to make your calls as there is a public hearing next week and it will likely be voted on that Friday.

You know the drill. Our grassroots activism has proven to be a tremendous influence. Let’s utilize it.

No matter how big or small the city or state, we cannot allow anymore U.S. citizens to be without legal kratom consumption. For those of you outside the affected areas, remember that once the pendulum swings to the side of making kratom illegal, the momentum gained for neighboring states and criminalization becomes a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

It Maine-not be easy but we ask you to politely educate them through email and phone calls.  If you have 2 minutes to spare then you have no excuse NOT to contact them. If you’re a kratom consumer and citizen of Maine, then this is your duty. If you’re not, then this is your obligation as a fellow American to help the people of Maine. They must hear our community loud and clear.

Remember, many of these legislators may not have even heard of kratom. So, please enlighten them.

Tell them you oppose LD 1546 and would like to remove kratom from the bill. Share with them your role as a productive, contributing member of society and briefly explain how kratom plays a pivotal role in making you a better citizen.

Please phone them at these numbers:

Kimberly Rosen (207) 287-1505

Scott Cyrway (207) 287 – 1505

William Diamond (207) 287 – 1515

Charlotte Warren (800) 423-2900

Patrick Corey (800) 423-2900

Karen Gerrish (800) 423-2900

Martin Ghohman (800) 423-2900

Skip Herrick (800) 423-2900

Don Marean (800) 423-2900

Catherine Nadeau (800) 423-2900

Rachel Talbotross (800) 423-2900


Please email them at these addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Please share these instructions with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to double or triple the reach and voice of the kratom community.

Never forget the power you hold with your civic actions because they can and do make a difference. What will you do with it?

#savekratom #savemaine

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