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May 8, 2015

Kratom in Thailand: Decriminalization and Community Control?

In early 2010, the Thai Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) developed a policy proposal to review different aspects of the criminal justice process in relation to drug cases. […]
May 8, 2015

Acute toxicity study

ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Mitragyna speciosa Korth (ketum) is widely used in Malaysia as a medicinal agent for treating diarrhea, worm infestations and also acts as an analgesic and antipyretic. AIM: The […]
June 23, 2015

How an Obscure Supplement You’ve Never Heard of Proves Government Will Regulate Anything

First, it was Michael Bloomberg’s tax on sodas. Then, it was Michelle Obama’s ban on sugar in schools. Next, lawmakers in Colorado sought to regulate yoga instructors. Now, regulators and politicians in states are seeking to ban natural […]
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