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Dr. Henningfield Response to FDA 8-Factor Kratom analysis
Dr. Henningfield et al. Response to the FDA 8-Factor Kratom Analysis
November 29, 2018
Angela Watson and Travis Lowin of the Botanical Education Alliance Testify about Kratom
“..Isn’t Kratom illegal in Thailand? It’s own country of origin.”
December 31, 2018
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Washington Updates: Potential 2019 Bans, On-Going Lobbying Work, and a Promising Kratom Future

Botanical Education Alliance Washington Meeting about Kratom

On December 11th, the Botanical Education Alliance and their lead consultant John Dudinsky met in Washington DC along with the American Kratom Association, Kratom Trade Association, Drug Policy Alliance, two DC Law firms, PR Firms, consultants and lobbyists.

The BEA and AKA will be dividing up states and each group engaging firms to help ensure that we keep Kratom legal.

Botanical education alliance in washington meeting
(Behind the scenes: Washington meeting in progress)

The following topics were discussed:

Preparing for Potential 2019 Bans

The goal of this meeting was to discuss ongoing collaborations and future preparations on both State and Federal levels. The combined efforts of all advocacy groups and their leadership is crucial for the road ahead in keeping kratom legal. As it stands, we fully expect another round of multiple state bans in 2019, in addition to the pressing issues at hand now.

Kratom Efforts Being Set Back Due to Damaging Remarks

There have also been reports of some indisputably fouls remarks made to Ohio legislators. Each and every time that this behavior occurs, it considerably and swiftly detracts from advocacy efforts we make. It is absolutely unacceptable and is unlike the kratom community we all represent. We must strive to be kind and courteous when contacting our representatives and commenting on social media. Because of this, it’s imperative that we remind ourselves and those around us to act with class and integrity at every step of this long journey for kratom rights.

Updates On-going Lobbying Work

The Botanical Education Alliance has lobby contracts in Tennessee, Kansas and is poised to go in New Jersey.


It is expected that Tennessee will be a tough battle again this year and we hope to keep this state overturned.


In Kansas, we also were instrumental in stopping the bill last year and have been working hard in past months to keep the momentum going.

New Jersey

We have taken on NJ state and will be monitoring it. At any moment we will be ready to engage if need be.

Future of Collaborative Advocacy Work

The other states are being handled by the AKA and other advocacy groups. There are multiple projects we will all be collaborating on including some exciting research and scientific projects which will be pertinent for our industry and protection. Overall, the combined efforts of these advocacy groups and their professional kratom experts is a force to be reckoned with!

Because we have the science to demonstrate Kratom’s safety, together we can overcome any obstacles or threats. Our community will survive if we can all work together. For this, we need your support. Let’s not wait until it’s too late. The advocacy groups are collaborating and need your support. We will be engaging Lobby firms in TN, KS and if needed NJ.  We need your support to help fund the efforts in these areas.

Please email us at or direct message us on Facebook if you can help. For those vendors that donate directly to a particular state, we will have update calls once a month that you can attend to see where your funds are going. Consumers, please let your vendor know we need help in raising funds or send us a link to a vendor location you know is in one of these states so we can reach out to them!

Botanical Education Alliance at Washington Kratom Meeting
(Day of the meeting, taking a stroll near the Washington Monument)

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